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We ship new (one trip) and used (cargo worthy wind and water tight) sea containers and ship goods & materials up from your preffered southern retailer. We are now taking orders!

Supported by over twenty years of military logistical experience, we are growing the depot stock of shipping containers throughout the Northwest Territories.

Providing Containers

Whether you need a unique storage option for your business or home, we have access to a variety of shipping containers - check them out in our Store above.

Our shipping containers are a secure option for your storage needs. We equip our containers with security lockboxes that can endure the Canadian weather. You can have peace of mind that even if there is snow, cold temperatures, rain or heavy winds your belongings will be locked securely. Our containers are suited for the storage of:

  • Household items
  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Contractor tool storage
  • Disaster, emergency equipment

Some of our clients have even found unique ways to use their storage containers such as:

  • Air bnb
  • Vendor kiosks
  • Cabins
  • Garages

Eco-Friendly Advantage

We are passionate about reducing waste in landfills. Whether you buy a container or decide to ship with us, know that you are contributing to a creative solution to keeping materials out of landfills.

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