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We stock the best quality shipping containers. We want to exceed your expectations with after sale care and commit to servicing your container maintenance, repair, and modifications.

Working with 20+ years of military logistics supply chain management, ContainerMart.ca has grown into the Depot stock of shipping containers in the Northwest Territories.

With our PRICE MATCH guarantee who does it better than ContainerMart... NOBODY! How can you beat the wholesaler?

In Nov 2021, we're excited that our team will contribute the steel boxes for housing solutions & contribute to a proof of concept for tiny homes in Yellowknife!

Creative Containers

Whether you need a unique storage option for your home or business, ContainerMart.ca has access to a variety of shipping containers - Go to STORE.

Our shipping containers are a secure option for YOUR storage needs. We also equip our containers with security lockboxes that can endure the Canadian weather. YOU can have peace of mind that even if there is snow, cold temperatures, rain or heavy winds their belongings will be locked securely. Our containers can be used to suit:

  • Cold storage for household items
  • Special event items
  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Contractor tool storage
  • Disaster, emergency equipment

Some of our clients have even found unique ways to use their storage containers such as:

  • Air B&B
  • Vendor kiosks
  • Offices
  • Cabins

An Eco-Friendly Option

We are dedicated to providing green options for YOUR storage needs. We are passionate about keeping our containers in top condition and UP-cycling stranded assets and processing waste auto salvage in order to improve environmental protection and reduce waste in our northern landfills. Statistics show that over 50 percent of old shipping containers are lying around/sleeping unused.

Cumulative, we have recycled 400,000 lbs of auto salvage in the Capital region since D Day, 6 June 2021.

When YOU buy a 20' container or ship with us, YOU'RE contributing to a creative solutions to backhaul five (5) junk cars batteries and tires - keeping theses materials out of Arctic landfills, call today (867) 446-4546, contribute to the movement & WELCOME to the ContainerMart Nation!




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