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Parking Lot

Parking & Vehicle Storage

See our Size Guide for available size parking spot and pricing.

Free Up Your Driveway!

If you have a vehicle that's too large to fit inside an enclosed storage unit, outdoor storage is a good alternative.  Outdoor vehicle storage is a common solution for large boats, campers, trailers, motorhomes, and even some commercial vans and trucks.  

This option is typically available as a designated parking stall or an open parking lot at our location.  While outdoor parking doesn't provide coverage from the elements, it's often a good option for cheap storage in a fenced lot. This is also a great option for those living in apartments without parking, active military who need safe storage for vehicles during deployment, saving family cars for children, or storing a business van or truck. Store your vehicle with us and reclaim your space.

See our Size Guide to reserve your spot

Here are some tips for long-term vehicle storage:

Free Up Your Driveway!

Free Up Your Driveway!

Be sure to clean the inside and vacuum up all the crumbs you can.  If you don’t remove everything edible, bugs might do it for you.

Invest In a Car Cover

A car cover is a great idea if you’re storing your vehicle in an uncovered spot because it will protect your finish and interior from sun damage.  Don’t forget to wash & wax before you cover it over.

car storage
Battery Replacement

Disconnect The Battery

Disconnecting the battery ensures nothing in the car drains it.  If you can, take your battery home and place it on a charger to keep it healthy and ready to start your car.

Protect Your Tires

If it'll be months before your car or RV moves, you may want to consider putting it on jack stands to unload the tires.  If you don’t, they can develop flat spots that make them unsafe for driving.

Camper Van

RV Owners

Turn off the propane and winterize it.  Turn off all your stove valves and remove your propane tank from your unit.  Be sure to clean and drain your waste tanks too.  Because it freezes where we live, be sure to blow out all your water lines with compressed air and add RV-specific antifreeze to the drains.

By renting your storage unit online, the rental process is that much faster and easier!  With just a few clicks, you can pick the perfect unit size, sign your lease electronically, and make your first monthly payment.  You’ll be able to view and print your complete rental agreement in advance and head right over to the location when you are ready to move in.

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Reach out and be greeted by an expert member of Container Mart's Staff. We will be able to guide you through the process and make it easy and efficient. 

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