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How much do you charge for shipping to Yellowknife? How can it I earn free shipping!

A. Flat rate $1/lb or $299/pallet, which ever is greater.

C. $1600 per 20' can + we PRICE MATCH any Carrier. We will discount your transport costs upto 50% when YOU refer orders from friends & relatives - Earn free shipping!

What makes up the charges for handling?

Cost of labor involved with shipping, order collection, packaging materials, loading & unloading.

What items will you pick up or ship?

If it fits in a sea can we SHIP it! We start moving 53' containers in 2022... what can we move for YOU?

Can I get a quote?

Online quotation app allows customers to instantly get quotes and compare shipping rates. Use it as an online freight calculator with integrated booking system to lock in the best price.

Why would someone need a can ? 5 D's

Divorce, Death, Downsizing & Declutter or Displacement are just a few of the reasons someone may require a can.

Why do I see lower cost containers online?

Beware of the SCAM. "A fool & their money are easily parted'

Can I lease a can?

Yes! You can lease a can stored at our secure storage lot or it can be brought to your location.

Can I get a modified can?

We work with a local welding company for all your modification needs.

Where do you get your inventory.

We get the first choice of containers coming into Alberta. This allows us to pass on these savings to you!

Feel the difference an extra foot makes in a 9'6" high cube sea can.

40 ft comparison

Standard 8'6" can versus High Cube 9'6"

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